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What is Cog-Veyor?
We've designed Cog-Veyor with simplicity and durability in mind

A whole new world of belt conveyor design is now possible thanks to the advances that the Cog-Veyor system offers. Cog-Veyor cleans easily, will run in the most demanding conditions, and is extremely durable. It does not slip or run off-track and requires minimal tension. Smooth running and maximum pulling power is achieved using open tooth sprockets that intermesh with dual drive lugs on the bottom side of the belt.

All Cog-Veyor belting is made from polyester or urethane material. Our unique design offers better traction, zero slippage and FDA/USDA/3-A* approval. A quick release option is also available, which allows for easy belt removal and cleaning.

Our system is adaptable to many different bore sizes, and can be easily fabricated with many different cleat, v-guide and sidewall combinations.

Approvals associated with Cog-Veyor belting:
  1. FDA
  2. USDA
  3. 3-A
  4. Canadian Department of Agriculture

  5. * All Approvals may not apply to some belting material
Simple. Clean. Customized.

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